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Individuals, families, adult children of aging parents, people with disabilities and their families—anyone with a medical, disability, or long term care insurance claim or provider bills.
Elder law and probate attorneys, family law attorneys, guardians and Trust Officers also refer clients to Your Medical Claims Expert.
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Our Customers Love Us!

“With the Medicare sign up deadline looming, significant medical needs, and little time to do research myself, I called Tamara, and was immediately reassured by her professionalism, her can do attitude, and her action plan. She said, “We’ll talk to go over all your medications, get a sense of your medical needs, and I’ll research which plan will give you the best coverage.” And this she did, making the decision process effortless. I will recommend her highly to anyone looking for help in navigating the Medicare and insurance coverage labyrinth. The other thing that I’d add is that Tamara is a delight to talk with; she’s funny and witty while maintaining a professional, competent attitude.”

Cathy Leary, Ph. D.


“Tamara has a wealth of knowledge on provider bill negotiations, claims issues, and Part D selection. When my clients work with her they feel a great amount of certainty and confidence and feel they have a strong advocate on their side. Tamara is compassionate and trustworthy. I highly recommend her to all.”

Shanon Wood-Hajali

Agency Owner, Insurance Resolutions

“After months of trying to resolve conflicting information from a large bureaucracy, I consulted several experts who were not able to solve the problem or answer my questions. Tamara came up with a brilliant solution to resolve the issue. I’m delighted to recommend her not only for her Medicare and medical claims expertise, but also for her creative problem solving skills.”

Betty Cavender

San Antonio, TX